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About Z-TECH - The world's specialist in plasma derived, monoclinic zirconia powders having exceptional performance properties, excellent lot-to-lot consistency, high quality and unique characteristics.

What is Zirconia? - Zirconium dioxide (ZrO2), also known as zirconium oxide and zirconia, is commercially available in two basic forms: naturally, as the mineral Baddeleyite, and synthetically, as derived from zircon sand (ZrSiO4).

Product Information - Z-Tech produces monoclinic zirconia powders utilizing the world's only Plasma Arc Process.

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Product Capabilities - Utilizing the extreme temperatures generated by Plasma Arcs, a process for extracting and purifying zirconia from zircon sands was developed and patented.

Morphology of Z-Tech Plasma Processed Zirconias - The extreme temperatures achieved in the Plasma Arc process exert a combination of forces which creates monoclinic zirconia particles of unusual micro-crystalline structures and shapes.

Product Data Sheets - Standard grades of monoclinic zirconia currently produced by Z-Tech.

Application Bulletins - Descriptions of three specific applications of Z-Tech’s Zirconia:

Color-Fine Series

Electro-Fine Series

Structu-Fine Series

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Quality Policy - Z-Tech's Quality Management System is registered to ISO-9001:2000 standards.

Z-Tech is registered to ISO 9002.