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It is important to stress that each process is unique & generates a resultant zirconia that is likewise, unique. As a consequence, each zirconia will perform differently in a given application from zirconia. It is necessary to evaluate different zirconias to determine which is the appropriate one for your application.

Zirconia can exist as three different, well-defined polymorphs; the monoclinic, tetragonal, and cubic phases. The monoclinic phase is the natural room temperature form and is stable up to about 1170C (2140F). At this temperature it transforms into the tetragonal phase, which is then stable up to around 2370C (4300F). At this temperature it is transformed to the cubic phase and exists up to the melting point of zirconia 2880C (4855F).

Because of this property, zirconia is an advanced material that has found its way into a wide variety of end-uses & applications. These have included high temperature refractories, electronics, technical ceramic components, color pigments, thermal spray coatings, and many more. Zirconias have been found in industries ranging from glass production to jet engine manufacture.

Monoclinic zirconia has played an important role as a constituent for ceramic colors and electronic components. It has also been used as an additive to enhance the properties of other oxide refractories by promoting sintering.

It is particularly advantageous when added to high-fired magnesia bodies and contributes to abrasive characteristics when added with alumina. These materials have been generally used for refractory applications such as ceramic brick, foam, or wool. They can also be considered for use as crucibles or filters since they are resistant to attack by most molten metals.


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