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Z-TECH LLC has been producing zirconium oxide, zirconium dioxide, zirconia powder, monoclinic zirconia powder for over 30 years. Call 603-228-1305 Z-TECH LLC today for test grades sample request.
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For highly reactive zirconium dioxide(ZrO2), zirconium oxide, monoclinic zirconia powders contact Z-TECH LLC at 603-228-1305

Leading Zirconia Powder Producers - Who We Are

In 1969, Z-TECH began work on a new technology for producing high-quality monoclinic zirconia powders utilizing the world's only Plasma Arc Process. Over the past 30 years, a range of high-performance zirconia products has been developed.

Known for its unique particle morphology and performance characteristics, Z-Tech plasma derived zirconias have been consistent performers in a wide range of industrial applications to include ceramic pigments, electronic components, thermal spray coatings, sensors, refractories and high-tech ceramics.

Now, as a privately held corporation, Z-Tech LLC is again a company on the move, having re-dedicated itself to assuring the production and further development of the most consistent, highly reactive zirconia products available on the world market today.

We are the world's specialist in plasma derived, monoclinic zirconia powders having exceptional performance properties, excellent lot-to-lot consistency, high quality and unique characteristics.

Z-Tech is registered to ISO 9002 quality system standards.

We invite you to examine all of the data and information this site has to offer. We also welcome you to try one of our products. We would be happy to send you a courtesy sample at your request.

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